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Un Million De Roses
sylsome wrote in fictionmingle
Art by: ExCom
Words by:
Tawna Fenske
Audio by: Bonjour Russia (
Un Million De Roses)

The heady smell of urinal cake moves him every time.

He can’t help it. One minute he’s whistling “American Pie” and taking aim.

The next, he’s zipping his boxers into his fly and dashing breathlessly past startled
couples eating escargot. He pauses long enough to singe his wrist on a candle and knock
over a bud vase.

The door says ladies. His heart slams against his ribcage, and she opens the door before
he can knock.

“I missed you.”
“I missed you, too.” He drops to one knee. “Can I squeeze your Charmin?”

“God, yes. Did you wash your hands?”

Author Bio:
Tawna Fenske is the author of MAKING WAVES, released August 1, 2011 and listed as a Top 10 Notable Debut in Writer's Digest. She writes a popular daily blog "Don't Pet Me, I'm Writing" and is a member of Romance Writers of America. MAKING WAVES is the first in a trio of quirky romantic comedies from Sourcebooks, Inc.

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Awesome song!

It gave me a chuckle.

Nice mingle. Beautiful song. I enjoyed this.

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