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Meat Cindy
sylsome wrote in fictionmingle
Photo by Kati Moen Johnson
Words by
Stephen Graham Jones
Audio by

She wasn’t like the other girls. On basketball trips, they’d all be rabbits at the salad bar, but she’d sit with us, the boys’ table, and actually eat. I didn’t fall all the way in love with her until summer, though, and, once school started, instead of me asking her to the Harvest Moon Dance, she asked me, said she had her dad’s truck, that we could sneak out to the old airstrip, watch the moon bob on the horizon. Yeah. So that’s where I’ll be tonight, out there with her. See you tomorrow. You won’t even recognize me.


(If the music player doesn't show up for you, go to Psychomelodic and click play on "Match Made in Hell.")

Stephen Graham Jones teaches at CU-Boulder and is an author of experimental fiction, horror fiction, crime fiction, and science fiction.  Forthcoming work includes IT CAME FROM DEL RIO and THE ONES THAT GOT AWAY.

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Meat Cindy fiction mingle

Simple story, yet made me read it twice. At first, just by title and looking on the photo (great job Kati) I though "a little dramatic, maybe even a crime story". Once I read a story it was more like "kids, dancing, making out". I had to read it twice to be sure that I didn't miss something. Then my imagination kicked in... My conclusion is that based on what mood you are and how wild your imagination can be the END of this story could be very different - from simple love story, to "Harlequin" like ending or even crime, horror, very dramatic. My favorite END-ing is: a little romance at first but then windows will turn red before she even screams. The next morning his face will carry a dubious smile of satisfaction and his neck a scratch mark from her finger nails.

Re: Meat Cindy fiction mingle

I love it when your imagination kicks in, Iza ;)

Meat Cindy

I wonder, are the other girls on the basketball team, the rabbits at the salad bar, the same as the one on the cover for 'It Came From Del Rio'?

Ryan Gaudreau

Ha! Those would be some vicious bunnies!

The photo. The fiction. The music. All are love. ♥ Keep them coming!

Thanks for Tweeting the link! (you get an extra entry in the contest!)

Whoa. That photo seriously creeped me out. Fantastic color composition!

Kati's awesome. I hope to have more of her stuff up in the future :)

Edited at 2010-10-11 03:32 pm (UTC)

This one came together beautifully (pic, words & music). It's good to hear a male voice on here, too.

Thank you, it was a great collaboration :)

think i just fell a little in love with her myself.

More than you ask for...

Yeow! This is my favorite one yet! The fiction, the photo and LOVED the snarl in the music at the end.
As for the meaning, I think the joke is on the narrator. Here he is thinking he is going to get some, when she holds all the power. I think he gets way more than he bargins for... becomes vamp or gets eaten... wouldn't got out with that chick if she paid me, but then again there probably is too much I do for free :) Love it! Keep them coming!

Re: More than you ask for...

You and me both, lady! (that "for free" part) Me thinks he turns into a werewolf ;)

Re: More than you ask for...

BTW, thanks for reposting on Facebook. You get an extra entry in the contest!

(Deleted comment)
Thanks for playing your part! The photo is a hit :)

Edited at 2010-10-15 04:46 pm (UTC)

"You won’t even recognize me."

Yeah this one is also awesome! I like this thing where you guys keep outdoing yourselves every week!


Really, it's three parts awesome contributors, one part montage magic (and maybe a dash of bossy moderator?).


Edited at 2010-10-15 04:45 pm (UTC)

At first glance the photo seemed to be of pleasure. After reading the story, pain. Perhaps it's all the same.

a little of both spices it up a notch ;)

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That was a awesome read,You discover something new every day.

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